Thursday, July 15, 2010

is your bed made?

is your sweater on?


amongst many great things (many great things, and places, and times, and people) i received a package in my email box that i want to share. because i can't not. because it's AMAZING. <3333

links can be found over there on the right :)

i was only allowed by blogspot to make 10 pages, and since there were 12 gifts in the giftbox, i've used betti's lyrics in a side bar. and have placed maylin's story along the bottom - which also means i get to look at that image and think of that beautiful scene, as often as i'd like. which is... a LOT.

i love them ALL and am so so sooooo thankful to ALL OF YOU!

the cupcakes and crossbones, the visuals and all the sweet words, the cd, DARK PPSSESSION CHAPTER 8!!, the goodies, the lavenderpurple scarf i'm wearing to work today, the awesome o/s still to come,

And this!!!

so so so much love. thank you guys. i love you.

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Betti Gefecht said...

Aww... I feel honored!! My poem in the sidebar?? WOOT!!! :)