Wednesday, April 14, 2010

lovesick teenagers don't die

they will live forever

it's 2:48 in the morning. my wine is all gone and i'm still under 2k in chapter 7 of Rose Like Thunder.

so, to continue distracting myself, i've come here to post a link to a gift that someone wrote just for me.

i sort of fell into like with this girl when i read one of her one shots a while back. Amelie Gray. we've made friendly since then and she is so full up with potential it makes me envious and giddy at the same time. she's prolific with short pieces, has one lengthy chapter piece completed and is in the middle of two others, my favorite of those two being a gift-fic she's working on for me :)

Beyond the Seventh Circle ~ it's a mystery that i am loving. it's only up to chapter three and already she's got edward trapped (totally) and a silent bella that i'm pretty sure communicates in sign language.

i am in love with this girl's imagination. seriously, i want to make out with it.

the chapters are fairly short, with very tell-tale and to the point details that i both savor and appreciate.

she let me pick out the first sentence:
He looked down and watched as her toes curled nervously in their rainbow-striped socks, and he knew right away he shouldn't trust her.

give it a read, it will captivate you :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

pussy pussy pussy marijuana

if you start looking around you, you know there's no pretending; 'cause how you twist and bend it, she's the perfect tout...

i am so glad that the sunshine is finally here.

i have trouble sometimes. i'll have this thought that i think is a memory, but the more i think on it, i can't remember if it actually happened or if i dreamed it happening - like i'm remembering a piece of a dream. and sometimes i dream things that i could swear actually happened, but when i try to piece them together logically, like to an actual time and place, i can't.

i know that the brain burries things it cannot face. but if they're pieces of who i am, shouldn't i have access to them?

i want to be protected, but i want so much to know the truth.

and having both is impossible.

and i don't do so well with impossible.

i believe so strongly that anything is possible.

my mom, she raised me with stuff like: "don't let anyone break your spirit!"

and i love her for this.

but this has instilled and ingrained in me the that my spirit is in fact, breakable.

and has since, been broken.

(boo hoo emofag, get over it)

not that i want to procreate, ever,

but if i ever had a child,

i would raise her with "your spirit, is UNBREAKABLE."


on a guilty pleasure side note; i finally posted my black balloon contest entries:

part one: Saints who Died as Children

and part two: Now I Lay Me down to Sleep

and RLT chapter 6 will be up soon soon :)