from lee cullen

During my years of impersonating a vengeful angel, I never really gave that much thought to the matter of the bodies. These were rotten people, after all. The discovery of their limp and lifeless bodies would be an occasion to celebrate. I supposed there might have been someone out there who still perhaps cared for them, but I never gave it too much thought since I really doubted it.

This was different. This had the potential of really hurting loved ones.

In all honesty, this wasn’t really that big of a concern either. Any mourning seemed like a waste to me. I’m sure it’d be all gone and forgotten in a couple of years. And what were a couple of years to us when we had eternity?

What did concern me however was my part in all of it. If they found out it was my doing they would never forgive me. And now that was something to think about. So not only was it the matter of hiding the body, it was the matter of hiding the fact that I was a murderer.

“Stop staring at me like that, leach!” Said Jacob waking me up from my inner ramblings and stupor. “What are you thinking about, anyway? You’ve been staring at me like that for days!”

I tore my eyes from my perpetually shirtless and tiresome son-in-law, and took a deep breath to calm myself. I knew it was not wise to act on impulse. I needed to really think this through.

I’d need to hide the body.

thank you love <3<3