Monday, July 12, 2010

fuck you kitty

you're gonna spend the night

back from the weekend time-away and i'm sunburned so pink it HURTS!!

my brother has lost it. like, no longer swims at the deep end of the pool, lost it.

i haven't cried about it yet. i feel like it's coming. like i feel the need/drive/want/instinct to mourn him. like things are never going to be the same. like he's never going to be David again.

but i can't.

because when i think about it, i just get so angry.

people around me go crazy. consistently.


in other news ~

i'm glad to be back home again, i missed ziggy terribly!! it's good to be back on my own bed, cuddling with the little buffalo <3

and i have today off and get to spend the entire time lounging in the a.c., annointing myself with aloe vera, and working on my OJward entry. i forgot how much fun PWPs can be to write! fun just for the sake of dirty, dirty fun :)


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