Tuesday, August 31, 2010

you came to take us

all things go, all things go.

i wonder how many tiems i've let who
i think
i am
hold me back.

"i'm not that kind of girl-"
"truth is important-"
"i don't do those things anymore-"

but i have been.
and sometimes it's not.
and sometimes i still do.

roll out the red carpet:
i am fickle, fly-by-night royalty
masochistic, mad-cap, malignant blue blood
and even Machiavelli coudln't touch this.

and so i know now, exactly how many times i've let who
i think
i am
break me all apart
"don't talk-"
"just cut it up-"
"give me my share-"

but please do.

roll out the Soviet tanks:
i am ruttish, Rococo, rock-candy treason
a dainty, dripping, die-hard enemy of the state
and fit for no Prince, at no point in time.

1 comment:

PAW'sPeaches said...

Did you write this? i LOVE this. and YES. I'm stalking your August 2010. I want all of your years. can I have the rest of them too?
*taste the rainbow*